Multilingual Coreference Resolution: Adapt and Generate


The paper presents two multilingual coreference resolution systems submitted for the CRAC Shared Task 2023. The DFKI-Adapt system achieves 61.86 F1 score on the shared task test data, outperforming the official baseline by 4.9 F1 points. This system uses a combination of different features and training settings, including character embeddings, adapter modules, joint pre-training and loss-based re-training. We provide evaluation for each of the settings on 12 different datasets and compare the results. The other submission uses a novel approach that involves prompting for mention generation. Although the scores achieved by this model are lower compared to the baseline, the method shows a new way of approaching the coreference task and shows promising results with just five epochs of training.

Proceedings of the CRAC 2023 Shared Task on Multilingual Coreference Resolution
Tatiana Anikina
Tatiana Anikina
PhD Student